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Recycling a Barn

How an old wooden structure becomes a new wide plank floor.

It's hard to pass by an old country barn without admiring the beautifully weathered hardwood planks that drape its frame, and imagining the rich history that has passed before it with time.

That's the same passion we have at Olde Wood Limited® Our craftsmen recognize the intrinsic beauty in the hand-hewn timbers we rescue from vintage structures that have outlived their usefulness, and work tirelessly to bring this wood back to life by restoring the luster and personality ingrained in every piece.

Olde Wood Limited® manufactures beautiful antique hardwood flooring and barn siding wall treatments using carefully preserved material that has been salvaged, recycled and masterfully restored from the remnants of vintage barns, historic buildings and other aged structures. Finding quality structures is the first and most important step in making the finest reclaimed hardwood flooring.

Once brought back to our location, our reclaimed rough lumber stock is carefully graded, de-nailed, separated and warehoused until an order is placed. Since we do not inventory finished flooring boards, it's only at this time that the boards are kiln-dried (6-8%), defected and manufactured into gorgeous reclaimed flooring planks. Storing and processing our inventory in this manner maximizes efficient use of this limited material, eliminates any moisture or stability issue while awaiting an owner, and allows us to custom-run the order to the exact specifications desired.

Each wide plank is individually handcrafted to showcase such unique and unmistakable features as grain, knotholes, accents and superior patina. Each flooring plank is extraordinarily unique and there are no two floors alike. This meticulous process results in incredibly durable "lifetime" flooring that reveals a unique warmth and richness that simply can't be compared with any other flooring product.


It's not as easy, or safe, as you think!

We partner with several dismantling companies in the area, however if you have barn wood that is already dismantled and sorted, give our Lumber Buyer Eric a call at (717) 552-0731 or Email him at and he'll coordinate a time to talk with you about your materials.

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