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Antique Barn Siding

Gorgeous lines of Antique Barn Siding perfect for walls or ceilings.

Rustic Antique Barn Siding — Perfect for Walls or Ceilings

Dismantling a barn gives wood new life

Add character to your next renovation or building project. Old barn siding is a creative material for a variety of projects, from paneling a timber-frame home to custom-built barn wood furniture. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Olde Wood barn siding is available in a wide range of colors and textures to compliment any project you may have.

Create stunning barn siding walls

A barn wood accent wall adds a touch of rustic charm to any room. Our antique milled barn wood wall panels make it easy to capture the American pioneer spirit. For a distressed look, consider our original barn siding lines or our new Distressed Collection. For a less weathered look, go with our interior barn siding -- milled to highlight the side of the board that was sheltered from the elements. Whatever your style, a barn siding will call to mind a simpler time.

Panel a ceiling with barn wood

Many inspired interior designers use Olde Wood's reclaimed barn siding for ceilings. Each plank is a true original, and your ceiling will be a centerpiece of conversation for years to come.

Dream up endless wood barn siding projects

The creative potential of antique barn siding is endless. Replace cliché peg board in your workshop with vintage barn wood walls. Build a custom barn wood bar evocative of a frontier saloon. Frame your fireplace with weathered barn boards. Feel the texture of the grain beneath your fingertips and let your next barn wood siding project speak to you.


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