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Camo Plank - Olde Wood, Ltd
by Olde Wood

Camo Plank - Olde Wood, Ltd

Introducing our latest hardwood flooring collection, where nature meets durability - “Camo Plank by Olde Wood, Ltd.”

Imagine walking through a room where every step feels like a stroll through nature. That is the effect of our Camo Collection. Its earthy tones and organic textures can transform any space into a peaceful sanctuary. Each plank invites the tranquility of the great outdoors into your desired space.

For centuries, people, animals, and other living creatures have adapted to disguise themselves as means of survival. Designed to seamlessly blend practicality with aesthetic appeal, our Camo Plank mimics the intricate patterns found in nature through forest coloration and unique textures. Made from Antique Reclaimed Poplar, this flooring showcases green, brown, and tan undertones with resawn boards mixed throughout for a flecking appearance. This plank is sure to introduce a cryptic element to any project.

Our Camo Plank hardwood flooring is made from the finest antique reclaimed Poplar and is custom colored to resemble its connection to the outdoors. Through forest-like coloration and authentic characteristics, your hardwood flooring will display an inviting atmosphere for all.