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What to Know: Hardwood Flooring

Ready to begin choosing your wide plank floor?

Here's a few things to consider while designing the floor of your dreams.

Color and Texture

There are two main aspects to consider when visualizing what you want in your wide plank floor.

The first is the color. Broadly speaking, do you want a light or dark floor?

The second aspect to consider is the texture. Broadly speaking, do you want a smooth floor or a floor with texture?

Pre-Finished or Site-Finished

You will have two options regarding finishing your floor. Do you want us to pre-finish the flooring here, or do you want your contractor to finish it on site?

There's a trade-off here--pre-finishing your floor means less mess and a faster and easier installation, but it also means less control over the final look, less possible texture, and a higher cost for the material. Take a look at our prefinish flooring comparison to help make your decision.

Site-finishing your floor will give you a high level of control over the final look, allow you to preserve rustic texture, and the material will cost less. The trade-off here though, is that you will need to pay a contractor to finish it, it will be messier, and it will take longer.

Solid or Engineered

As a custom mill, we can mill any floor that we make as either solid wood or engineered wood.

If you don't know, engineered flooring is hardwood flooring that has a engineered core plywood base for added lateral stability. The hardwood on top of the plywood base is called the "wear layer." Our wear layer is very thick – over an eighth of an inch of solid wood! This is enough hardwood to be sanded and refinished several times.

So why might you go with engineered? Extreme climate, humidity, or temperature variation. If your space has extremely high or variable humidity, then you will want to consider engineered flooring. If you are installing the flooring over radiant heat, you may want to consider engineered hardwood. If the floor will be exposed to water, or is in a vacation property that will not be climate controlled year-round, you will want to consider engineered hardwood.

Follow this link if you'd like to read a bit more on Engineered Wood Flooring.

Square Footage

In order to budget for your project, you will want to have an estimate of the total square footage required for your project. We recommend adding 10% to your number as a waste factor.

Ordering, Delivery and Timeline Expectations

Lead times for custom wide plank flooring can range from four to seven weeks depending upon several factors. You will want to know when you need the material on site so the project and milling can be planned accordingly.

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