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What to Know: Wood Wall Treatments

Let's Put Some Wood On Those Walls.

Wooden walls compliment any rustic or modern design.
You've got options!

Barn Siding

As a custom mill, we are able to offer authentic reclaimed barn siding in a variety of colors and styles. All of them are square-edged and backplaned--ready to be used on your walls.

Reclaimed and Traditional Plank Flooring

Whether reclaimed wood flooring or new wood plank floors, all of our flooring is able to be used as wall paneling. So if you see a floor and think, "that would look great on my wall," you're right and we can make it happen.

Uniform or Mixed Widths

You have the choice of either all of your wall panels having the same width, or having a combination of widths.

Knowing Your Square Footage

You will need to know the total square footage of the area you are trying to cover. You will then want to add 10% to this number to account for waste.

Ordering and Lead Time

Lead times for reclaimed beams and timbers can vary from two to five weeks, so you will want to have a good idea of when you want your material on site and take this into account while planning.


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