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A Look Into the Past
by Olde Wood

A Look Into the Past

On Groundhog Day, Punxsutawney Phil may be able to help us see 6 weeks into the climate’s future, but trees can help us see centuries and even millenniums into its past.

Scientists use dendrochronology, the science of dating by analyzing annual growth rings in trees, to study different temperature and climate patterns that the tree experienced throughout its life.

Changes in the climate can be deciphered by studying the width of the rings. When the rings are wide, it usually means it was an ideal year to be a tree and there was plenty of rain and sun. If the rings are narrow, it means the tree may have experienced rougher conditions such as temperature drops, disease, or shortages of water. Tree rings can also reveal information about wildfires, natural disasters, and even the origin of hardwood.

Distinct growth ring patterns is just one of the defining characteristics of reclaimed wood flooring. You can find up to 7 growth rings in just an inch of our Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine Wide Plank Flooring.

It is fascinating what can be learned from trees if just a moment is taken to observe them. They are Mother Nature's best storytellers.