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A Modern Look at Reclaimed Antique Wide Plank Flooring
by Olde Wood

A Modern Look at Reclaimed Antique Wide Plank Flooring

The beauty of Reclaimed Antique Wide Plank Flooring gives it the versatility to be used in numerous designs and applications. It can be the gorgeous focal point in rustic to modern spaces, in both residential and commercial applications. This Northeast Ohio corporation headquarters selected our Reclaimed Antique Oak Hit-Skip for its durability which makes it ideal for commercial applications. This project is a perfect example of just how modern Reclaimed Antique Wide Plank Flooring can be.

Many aspects of this project make it one-of-a-kind. For example, its showroom features a traditional style of installation along with a Herringbone pattern installation. The design of its Coffee Bar uses two contrasting Reclaimed Antique Wide Plank flooring products as well. It showcases Reclaimed Antique Oak Hit-Skip for the flooring and Reclaimed Antique Factory Plank Dirty-Top for a wall treatment. Additionally, both engineered and solid flooring profiles were installed in the headquarters. There is no distinguishable difference between them on the surface, though, thanks to our engineered flooring's thick wear layer.

We will let the photos below speak for themselves and we trust you are just as blown away by the project's beauty as we are! To see other photos, check out Antique Oak Hit-Skip's photo gallery or Antique Factory Plank Dirty-Top's photo gallery.