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Antique American Hardwood for Real American Motorcycles
by Olde Wood

Antique American Hardwood for Real American Motorcycles

Antique hardwood, Vintage LP's and Custom Harley's. All-American cool!

A visit to Austintown, Ohio's BikeTown Harley Davidson will put you in the middle of one of the coolest retails spaces in the state. American hardwood, American motorcycle and American HiFi meld together at Soul Custom (BikeTown Sound & Motor Works), a unique showroom with that authentic "members only" look and feel. Stop in for a visit, but leave yourself enough time to hang out.

Riding apparel, vintage LP's, Zu Audio speakers/amps, custom bike upgrades and testosterone-based motorcycle furniture (made from trashed bikes) all pair perfectly with the raw nature and classic appeal of our rough-sawn Mountain Oak flooring.

Characterized by the rugged, unyielding spirit of the Allegheny and Appalachian foothills and peaks, our Mountain Oak old growth flooring is run through an antique, 60-in. saw blade to replicate the look of early milling. Its authentic, rustic appearance is akin to reclaimed hit-skip oak with an equally high resistance to wear and tear. (As long as you don't burn the rubber off your Harley on it.)

Check out Soul Custom at BikeTown Harley and see how our flooring, along with these vintage elements, all pull together to give you an authentically historic American experience.