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Barn Siding is More Than What Meets the Eye
by Olde Wood

Barn Siding is More Than What Meets the Eye

If you stood outside your whole life and endured harsh winters, wet springs, hot summers, and cool falls, would the experience make you beautiful and strong?

Antique Barn Siding can answer that question with a confident yes, as that's how it gets its unique character. But there is more to Antique Barn Siding than what meets the eye.

When farmers built barns, they did so using what we refer to as the "100 Tree Theory". Farmers would clear a plot of land and use whatever trees were there to build their barn. They used the biggest, strongest, and straightest trees for structural elements (like beams) and the smaller and softer trees for other purposes, such as floor boards, posts, and barn siding.

For this reason, Barn Siding normally consists of a mixture of species that offers a variety of characteristics. Its characteristics can also depend on where and how the boards were used. The exterior of barn boards is normally weathered and gray, due to being exposed to the natural elements for so many years. On the other hand, the interior of barn boards is usually a rich brown color with lighter edges. Besides variations of color, Barn Siding characteristics sometimes includes nail holes, deep grain texture, and weathered knots.

Reclaimed Antique Barn Siding works well in any project because its years spent outside makes it durable and virtually maintenance-free. We also inspect and grade each board to ensure it will last for another lifetime.

All of these features make Antique Barn Siding the perfect product for different commercial or residential projects, such as exterior siding, accent walls, custom cabinetry, and much more. The limit only begins where your imagination ends. So what are you waiting for? Get some wood on your walls!