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HEMP Wood Filler

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HEMP Wood Filler

AngelFiber Hemp Wood Filler Product

AngelFiber Hemp Wood Filler (Patent Pending) is used to fill and enhance the naturally-occurring open cracks, holes, knots, or checking in Olde Wood Limited®’s wood products. It's comprised of a specially formulated solution that works in conjunction with the industrial hemp fibers to create a wood filler product that fills these voids, while retaining a level of flexibility that most epoxy-based fillers do not have. Our wood filler product can move with your flooring as it expands and contracts throughout the seasons - eliminating any further checking, cracking or wood damage.

Hemp is an all-natural and highly renewable resource with many desirable attributes. When used a wood filler in wood flooring knots, checking or cracks, Hemp Wood Filler outperforms the standard epoxy-based fillers. Application of this products is similar to other wood fillers, but without the harmful volatile chemical off-gassing or the non-flexible rigidity the epoxy fillers are known for.

AngelFiber Hemp Wood Filler is made from industrial hemp plants grown in the heart of Magnolia, Ohio.

"Welcome to the New Era of Natural”

- No VOCs or harmful gasses
- Made with farm-grown industrial hemp
- A wood filler product with flexibility to expand/contract with wood products
- Naturally accentuates wood grain

AngelFiber Hemp Wood Filler is product offered exclusively through Olde Wood Limited.