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Mustang Collection

Signature hardwood flooring honoring an American icon.

Wide plank flooring that harnesses the raw spirit of freedom and the American way.

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Hardwood plank flooring with unbridled beauty and appeal.

When recalling the founding of America, political figures, battle stories and manifestos may flood to mind. On the other hand, America's agricultural backbone and the farmers who worked endless hours tilling the earth to support their families and communities may be remembered.

Along with the farmers came two staples in American history: the barns that dotted the landscape and the horses that worked side by side with them. While some horses worked hard plowing fields, carrying soldiers into battle, or transporting pioneers across unexplored territories, some horses escaped into the wild.

These escaped horses came to be known as mustangs, an American symbol of freedom, strength, and pioneer perseverance.

Horses, tame or wild, had a crucial role in this nation's story. Olde Wood Limited® created the Mustang Collection to represent the importance of these majestic creatures.