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Fireplace Mantels

Hand-Hewn Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace Mantels

Hand-Hewn Fireplace Mantels


Crafted by hand long,long ago, these hand-hewn mantels bear the axe-marks from craftsmen whose art was shaping trees into astoundingly strong structural timbers. Defected, denailed, and kiln dried, these age-old timbers are cut to your specified length and finished with your preferred shade of finish. Looking for a more refined finish? Consider our rough sawn mantels instead. Despite their name, rough-hewn mantels – sometimes called resawn mantels – have a clean, even surface and a more finished appearance.


    FACE WIDTHS: 4"x7", 6"x6", 6"x8", 7"x7", 8"x8", 9"x9", 8"x10", 10"x10", 10"x12", 11"x11" – (call for in-stock sizes & availability)
    LENGTHS: Custom cut, please call
    AVAILABLE FINISH: Natural/Unfinished, Pre-finished
    POSSIBLE FEATURES: Hand-hewn Marks, Flat One Side, Insect Holes, Structural Notches, Virgin-Timber Grain
    Length & Width Variance: It is necessary for us to include material overage to ensure the desired length is shipped. When this happens, the extra material will be shipped in-tact and charged accordingly.
    Kiln Drying: We are able to kiln dry timbers up to 20' in length.


  • How to buy a hand hewn mantel?

    You buy hand hewn mantels online by viewing our inventory of reclaimed beams. Simply select your desired finish and mantel length, click the Terms & Conditions box, and add the mantel to your shopping cart. If you’re in Ohio, you can also visit our showroom and manufacturing facility in Magnolia, Ohio. Located 15 miles south of Canton, our facility is the perfect place to see our entire portfolio of reclaimed wood products.

    What color fireplace beams are available?

    Our rustic hand-hewn mantels are available in a virtually unlimited range of custom finishes. If you have current hardwood in your home and wish to match it, or a new color in mind, we can blend finishes to find the perfect color for your mantel. For dark brown mantels, our mahogany, teak, and Tudor brown finishes are popular. For light brown mantels, consider a golden oak or rustic pine mantel. Our design specialists can help you design the perfect custom fireplace mantel for your home.

    How long will it take to ship my fireplace mantel?

    Lead time for hand hewn fireplace mantels can vary. Please understand that lead times are based on scheduling and are subject to change due to orders received. Mantels purchased without a custom finish or length can typically ship in 2 business days. Mantels purchased with a custom length and/or color can typically ship in up to 1 week.

    How is my fireplace mantel shipped?

    Hand hewn mantel beams are typically shipped via common carrier. Carriers require a contact name and contact number. The customer is responsible for unloading all material from the back of the delivery truck to the designated staging area. Material is commonly packaged for forklift unloading. However, they may be hand unloaded if the mantel size permits.

    Mantels can also be picked up at our showroom at 7557 Willowdale St., Magnolia, Ohio 44643.